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Age: 29; Height: 170; Weight: 60; Bust: 3



Riga, Center

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INTIN 4440

the number (+371) 1881 Text message fee 0.60 EUR

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Hello Dear...

The world of Ms and weirdness are linked not only by pain and sadism, but also by fetishes and eroticsm. Indeed, every aspect for me as a role as a role.
Morever, my motto is: Everything is possible, nothing is necessary-.
With my unique game, passion and style with you, your benefit and burst with number in expierence. I will let you live all your longings. You can follow your likes and dislikes freely and without shame with me, even iff you are one.
Experience what you always wanted to do and what you want...

Iff you are beginner and are atracted ti this world but dont know where your place is, your place will supprise you. I will take you into a stylish world off every perversion. Together we will find out what...

Your pain is my desire!

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Number : (+371) 1881
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Number : (+371) 1881
Price : 2.00 EUR


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