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Age: 29; Height: 170; Weight: 60; Bust: 3



Riga district

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INTIN 4469

the number (+371) 1881 Text message fee 0.60 EUR

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I am KimTess from japan, a passionate lady here in Tel Aviv, who enjoys the company of
successful gentlemen.
Delicate, sweet elegant, tall brunette, with the expertise of a real princess. I can be an ideal
companion for a man, who would like to take the opportunity of quality time. I can also
accompany you on the various events ...
Please consider the fact that I am not a 24/7 escort girl. Therefore, I cannot always answer
your calls. For an appointment please let me know in advance so that I can orginize myself.
Often times I am more easily reached by sending Whatsapp.
Thank you for your understanding and see you soon

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Text message : INTIA 4469
Number : (+371) 1881
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Number : (+371) 1881
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Number : (+371) 1881
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Text message : INTIG 4469
Number : (+371) 1881
Price : 2.00 EUR
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